At the Rip Curl Factory in Torquay, Australia, Alan Green starts working on prototypes for a new kind of boardshort, using aspects of wetsuit technology, such as snaps and Velcro flies.

Quiksilver boardshorts with a swan logo make their first appearance in Australian surf shops. Soon replaced by the first edition of the “Mountain and Wave” logo.

Robert Kelly Slater is born on February 11th.

Quiksilver exports its boardshorts to the Lightning Bolt Shop in Hawaii.

Jeff Hakman wins the Bells Beach Contest

Quiksilver exports its boardshorts to Japan.
Quiksilver sponsors feature surfing film, Band on the Run.

“Quiksilver Country” print theme introduced.
Quiksilver exports boardshorts to France.
Quiksilver sponsors its first team riders, Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew and Bruce Raymond.
Rabbit wins the World Title.

Quiksilver Garments founded in Australia to lead and service Quiksilver licensees worldwide.

Quiksilver introduces “Echo Beach” boardshorts featuring radical print design with polka dots, harlequins, stars and checks.

“St Comp” stretch boardshort introduced with new logo and graphics.
Quiksilver licenses in Japan.
Thrasher Magazine skateboarding ad campaign featuring Christian Hosoi, Steve Caballero, Pierre Andre, Lance Mountain, Rob Roskopp, Kevin Staab and Spidey Demontrond.
Quiksilver commissions Los Angeles designer Ray Smith to update the Mountain and Wave logo.

“Warpaint” theme by Simon Buttonshaw introduced on boardshorts.
Robby Naish signs with Quiksilver.

First Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau Big Wave contest held at Sunset Beach, HI, won by Denton Miyamura.
Performers produced by Harry Hodge & Bruce Raymond is the first branded surf video.
Quiksilver licenses Na Pali to manufacture and distribute Quiksilver throughout Europe. Founders are Harry Hodge, Jeff Hakman, Brigitte Darrigrand and John Winship.
Quiksilver licenses in Canada.

Quiksilver, Inc. goes public in the United States on the NASDAQ Exchange.
Quiksilver licenses in New Zealand.
Clyde Aikau wins “The Eddie” at Waimea, HI.

Quiksilver sponsors World Champion snowboarder, Craig Kelly.
Jack Johnson signs with Quiksilver.
Mel Gibson wears Quiksilver in Lethal Weapon.
Quiksilver licenses in Brazil.

Quiksilver licenses in South Africa.
Quiksilver and Tom Carroll create surfing history when the two-time World Champion signs an exclusive contract for $1 million, the most lucrative deal in the sport.

20-year anniversary for the Quiksilver brand.
The Mondo X-treme X-periment is the first surf, skate and snowboarding video produced.
Quiksilver creates “Gen X” themed product.

Kelly Slater signs with Quiksilver.
The Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau Big Wave event is won by Keone Downing.
World Champion snowboarder, Shaun Palmer, signs with Quiksilver.
Quiksilver sponsored Steve Obradovich stars in Side Out volleyball movie.
Quiksilver Saltwater Denim (QSD) hits the market.
Quiksilver starts to design and market wetsuits.
Quiksilver transitions from skiing focus to snowboarding emphasis.
Quiksilver introduces Roxy brand to the surf market.
Quiksilver releases Kelly Slater in Black and White.
Andy Irons rides for Quiksilver.

Quiksilver introduces its boys line.
Quiksilver introduces a mens product offering, “Que.”
Quiksilver, Inc. acquires Quiksilver Europe and moves towards creating one global company.
Quiksilver sponsors volleyball champion Karch Kiraly.
Quiksilver licenses in Turkey.
Quiksilver licenses in Indonesia.
Tom Carroll wins the Pipeline Masters event.

Kelly Slater wins his first Pipe Masters.
Kelly Slater wins the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Title.
Quiksilver runs the Biarritz Surf Masters event.
Kelly becomes a cast member on Baywatch.
Quiksilver opens its first retail concept, “Boardriders Club” in Hawaii.

Roxy introduces the “Heart” logo designed by fusing two Mountain and Wave logos.
Quiksilver acquires Raisins Swimwear.

Lisa Andersen signs with Roxy and wins the women’s ASP World Championship.
Kelly Slater wins his second ASP World Title.
Quiksilver licenses in Argentina and Chile.
Quiksilver invents a store-in-store concept “Quiksville.”
Roxy introduces the first girl’s boardshort.

Kelly Slater, Lisa Andersen and Rusty Keaulana all win World Championships.
Quiksilver sets the ultimate standard in professional surfing events by staging the inaugural “Quiksilver Pro” at G-Land in Indonesia.
Quiksilver snow team travels to remote Greenland.

Quiksilver Pro at G-Land again hailed as “The Ultimate Surfing Event.”
Kelly Slater wins fourth Pipe Masters and fourth world title.
First Roxy store opens in Honolulu, HI
Quiksilver acquires Mervin Snowboard Manufacturing Company.
Quiksilver creates Winter Sports Division with snowboards, boots, bindings, accessories and outerwear in conjunction with Mervin Manufacturing.

Quiksilver launches Quiksilver.com.
Quiksilver advertises in Rolling Stone, GQ, Seventeen and Spin Magazines.
Kelly Slater becomes the highest money earner in ASP history.
Robby Naish continues to dominate world windsurfing competition.
Mr. Sunset: The Jeff Hakman Story book published.
Quiksilver “Clicker Bar” logo introduced.

Kelly Slater wins his sixth ASP World Title and Quiksilver goes one, two, three in the world with Kelly, Mick Campbell and Danny Wills.
Quiksilver, Inc. lists on the New York Stock Exchange. Bell rings for ZQK.
Quiksilver licenses in Mauritius.
“Condition black” Jan 1st…huge surf, The Eddie Wouldn’t Go.
Outside log cabins tow session with Ross Clark-Jones charging the largest surf ridden to date.
Quiksilver opens its first store in New York’s Soho District.
ASR Magazine votes Quiksilver “Manufacturer of the Year.”
Kelly Slater retires.

Lib Tech builds skate decks and redefines snowboards with “air core.”
The “Quiksilver Crossing” global surf exploration project is launched - the greatest surf adventure ever with a strong environmental focus.
Quiksilver Boardriders Clubs open in London (Covent Garden) and in Paris (Champs Elysees).
QuikJean and RoxyJean debut.
The first “Quiksilver Mavericks Men Who Ride Mountains” contest happens - Flea Virostko takes the victory.
Roxy launches “Hula Scent.”
Quiksilver Travel is born.
Extreme big-wave film hits IMAX theaters globally.
Quiksilver, Inc. moves its headquarter from Costa Mesa, CA to “Surf City” Huntington Beach, CA.
Quiksilver moves WCT contest from G-Land to Tavarua, Fiji.
Quiksilver Europe moves into new headquarters in St. Jean De Luz, France.
Quiksilver sponsors the Silver Edition Masters in Lafitenia, France.

Todd Richards rides for Quiksilver.
Quiksilver, Inc. established the Quiksilver trademarks world wide with the acquisition of all of the shares in Quiksilver International.
Quiksilver forms alliance with Tony Hawk to create signature apparel line, “Hawk.”
First Roxy Surf Camp established.
Quiksilver Europe acquires Gotcha Europe.

Kelly Slater wins 10th “Surfer Poll Awards.”
Kelly Slater un-retires…goes back on World Championship Tour.

Quiksilver designs a revolutionary new wetsuit, “The Cell.”
Quiksilver, Inc. and Quiksilver Asia Pacific merge to form a singular global operating entity.
Danny Kass wins silver medal at Winter Olympic Games in snowboarding.
“The Quiksilver Crossing” goes through Europe.
Kelly wins The Eddie.
The  “Union” core retailer program founded.

Quiksilver Boardriders Club store opens in Time Square, New York.
Quiksilver continues involvement in environment, education and science with projects “Quikscience Challenge” and “Adopt-a-Village.”
Roxy teams up with MTV to launch Surf Girls TV show.
Quiksilver Entertainment teams up with Fox TV to launch 54321 TV show.
Fidra brand sponsors golf legend, Ernie Els.
Quiksilver announces joint venture for retail expansion into mainland China with partners, Glorious Sun.
Quiksilver becomes presenting sponsor for the Boost Mobile Pro WCT Surf Contest at Trestles in CA.
Quiksilver signs Dane Reynolds.
Quiksilver Entertainment introduces the Roxy “Luna Bay” book series.
Kelly Slater authors autobiography, Pipe Dreams.
Quiksilver rings opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange, June 4th.
QUAMAV (Quiksilver Underground Army Mobile Assault Vehicle) hits the road with MoDaddy Sanford behind the wheel.

Quiksilver, Inc. hits $1 billion in revenue.
Quiksilver acquires DC Shoe Company.
The Eddie goes and Bruce Irons wins.
Quiksilver opens Boardriders Club in Las Vegas on the strip.
The Quiksilver Crossing arrives in America – sails down the Mississippi River.
Kelly Slater hosts his first event “The Kelly Slater Invitational” in Fiji.
Quiksilver globalizes tech division for sunglasses, watches, wetsuits and accessories.
Quiksilver opens its store in Shanghai, China.
Tsunami hits Indian Ocean, NIAS Foundation formed.
Stacy Peralta’s Riding Giants film introduced.
QuiksilverEdition partners with Airstream.
Sofia Mulanovich wins the Women’s ASP World Title.

Quiksilver signs legend Christian Hosoi.
Boost Mobile and Roxy team up.
The Quiksilver Foundation is established.
Danny Way jumps the Great Wall of China.
Wall Street Journal features Quiksilver.
Danny Way voted “Skater of the Year” by Thrasher Magazine.
Chelsea Georgeson wins the Women’s ASP World Title.
Kelly Slater wins record-breaking 7th World Title

Kelly Slater wins his 8th ASP World Championship
DC rider Rob Dyrdek stars in TV reality series Rob & Big

Quiksilver signs Travis Rice.

Kelly Slater wins his 9th ASP World Championship
The inaugural Quiksilver Natural Selection Big Mountain Event runs.
Red Bull and Quiksilver present Travis Rice’s That’s It That’s All
DC Rider Robbie Maddison breaks his own world motorcycle jumping record traveling 350 feet.

The Quiksilver Tony Hawk Show goes off at the Grand Palais in Paris, France

Greg Long wins The Eddie

Rob Dyrdek launches second TV reality series Fantasy Factory.

Kelly Slater wins his 10th ASP World Championship

DC signs skateboarder Chris Cole.
Quiksilver launches juniors’ collection.
Quiksilver signs four-time ASP Women’s World Champion Stephanie Gilmore.